Patient Safety, Quality, and Regulatory

Quality and safety is a core value of UPMC. This page will direct you to a variety of educational opportunities for those in patient safety, quality, and regulatory leadership positions and individuals seeking to learn more about specific quality, patient safety, and regulatory topics.  

Patient Safety Education

UPMC strives to eliminate or reduce the risk of preventable harm to our patients. Coursework in this section introduces participants to basic elements of patient safety at UPMC.

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Quality Education

Quality education offerings will introduce the learner to various quality agencies, QI projects, and how these direct the best possible patient care for the patients of UPMC.

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Regulatory Education

Regulatory agencies play a vital role in the operations of our health system. Beyond operational constructs, regulatory agencies also offer education to promote organizational development.

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Just Culture Education

It is recognized that the greatest impediment to error in health care is when caregivers are punished for making mistakes, which instills fear, destroys creativity, and prevents staff from learning.

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