About Us

The Wolff Learning Academy (WLA) is a part of the Wolff Center at UPMC, the corporate quality department at UPMC. The WLA provides staff with dynamic and clinically up-to-date education on a range of quality and safety topics. Our goal is to empower staff with the tools and the information they need to not only provide excellent care, but also to discover ways we can improve our care delivery.


On any given day, UPMC staff might be learning how to design an improvement project, working in teams to use best practice guides to prevent patients from getting an infection, or discussing case studies about how to encourage staff to speak up when they recognize a potential safety concern.

Through these and other education and training efforts, the Wolff Center partners with UPMC staff to help them provide the best possible care that we can for you and your loved ones. In addition to creating our own educational resources, the WLA collaborates with clinical experts to develop educational material and experiences that reinforce our mission of safe, quality, patient-centered care.

Meet the WLA Staff

Paul Phrampus, MD

Medical Director

Cindy Liberi

Senior Director

Lisa Sheehan

Programmatic Nurse Specialist

Stephanie Knoch

Improvement Specialist

Dawn Beam

Project Analyst

Catherine "Caty" Thomas

Programmatic Nurse Specialist

Lisa Bauccio

Programmatic Nurse Specialist

Stefanie Altieri-Dunn

Quality Data Analytics Expert

Jennifer Parrotte

Director, Nursing Education & Curriculum Development