Data Resources

Run Chart Resources

Run Chart Template

This is an easy-to-use tool that tracks data over time to demonstrate variation and improvement. It is as simple as plugging in the data you currently have to produce a simple but effective run chart.

These YouTube video resources can help you interpret run chart data over time for your project.

Run Chart (PART-1): Detailed Illustration of Terms and Concepts – duration 6:15

How to Create a Run Chart Using an Excel Spreadsheet – duration 2:05

How to Create a Run Chart in Excel – duration 15:45

Excel Resources

Excel Video Training

This collection of videos is provided directly by Microsoft as quick videos of approximately 3 minutes or less on specific Excel topics you may need assistance with from the most basic Excel functions to more advanced Excel concepts.

Excel Tips and Tricks eBook

This eBook offers many keyboard shortcuts and tips to handling data in Excel effectively.

Pivot Table Video Resources
These YouTube video resources can quickly help you utilize pivot tables within Excel to view your data in many dynamic ways.

Learn Pivot Tables in 6 Minutes (Microsoft Excel) – duration 6:21
Advanced Excel – Creating Pivot Tables in Excel 
– duration 13:10
Pivot Table Tutorial – Learn Pivot Tables in 1 Hour – Excel Crash Course – duration 1:02:0